Tom is 5’ 20” and does not play basketball.

Tom’s favorite band is Rush.

Tom’s favorite album is “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” by Genesis – the last album with Peter Gabriel. It’s Peter’s adaptation of “Dante’s Inferno.”

Tom’s favorite album of the 90’s is the Mr. Bungle “Mr. Bungle” album.

Tom shares a birthday with Neil Peart of Rush and Barry White.

Tom’s first record purchase was Kiss “Double Platinum” at Odyssey Records and Tapes in 1978.

Tom cried at the first KISS “back in makeup” farewell concert.

Tom is allergic to seafood.

Tom’s dream home is in Devonshire, England.

Dr. Dre named Tom “Stern” because he was tall and had long hair. His picture is in the middle of the collage in the “Chronic 2001” CD.

Tom is the bass drummer who marches over Ricardo Montalban in the marching band at the end of Naked Gun. (They show him twice.)

Tom was attacked by the band “Nelson” on his 23rd birthday with 17 pies!!!! . . . a Nelson family tradition.

Tom’s favorite film is the first “Halloween” film. He’s seen it 167 times so far. He can recite the film. He nearly had a chance to play Michael Myers in Halloween 6. Tom once dressed up as Michael Myers on a Dr. Dre session and scared them so badly that they wrote “Murder Ink” on Chronic 2001.”