Asking how much it costs to make a record is like asking how much it costs to build a house. There are so many variables! So when budgeting for your recording, always add 30% to your end total. Also expect everything to take at least 2 times longer than you anticipated. Murphy loves studios!

Always have a 50% deposit in the hands of the studio well in advance. That makes you look MUCH more serious. Also have the funds available to settle at the end of each session. Most facilities won’t release any tapes until the balance is paid. The only exception is usually cassettes of rough mixes. And for God’s sake, don’t be a baby about not getting to take CD’s or DATS out if you haven’t paid!!!!

If you don’t have the money together for the recording, cancel the session at least 72 hours ahead of the session so the studio has time to re-book the time. Otherwise you may lose some if not all of your deposit.

Find out what methods of payment the studio and/or engineer/producer will take. Make sure you are absolutely clear about what the rate is before setting foot in the studio. Also, ask about the media costs and any additional rental items that you may not know you’d be charged for.

Call to confirm your session the day before.