National Projects


Band: Faith No More
Title: Album of the Year
Year: 1996
Label: Slash Records
Genre: Rock

Notes: Sadly, I never worked with the band directly. My roommate at the time, Ryan Hall (see Psychobabble and Cranium), had made contact with their bass player, Billy Gould, when they were searching for a new guitar player after their “King For A Day” record so Ryan got to submit an audition tape. Billy sent a 4-track cassette tape with rough mixes of drums, bass and keys on tracks 1 and 2 with tracks 3 and 4 for Ryan to overdub parts. I borrowed a friend’s 4-track recorder and set up Ryan in the basement of our house for him to start writing parts and recording. When he finished, I took the machine and tapes to Studio C in Granny’s and gave it as good a mix as possible, considering the medium.

As I always am with Ryan, I was very excited about what he had come up with and felt he really had a chance for the gig. Turns out he made it to the final round, but didn’t get the gig. They loved what he did, but hired someone who lived in the Bay Area already. Poo.