IMIRAGE SOUND LAB is the oldest recording facility in the Reno/Sparks Area. Originally built in 1980, it was formerly known as Axe Traxx. In 1998, Tom Gordon teamed up with owner Dr. Lawrence Davis to give the studio a facelift and a new name. For nearly a year, designer Bill Furman transformed Axe Traxx into Imirage. January 2000, the studio reopened with its new name, gear and look. Since then, it has had nearly 60 releases from the room as of August 2005.

National Clients include:

Mike Love (The Beach Boys), Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, G Love and Special Sauce, E-40, Shock G (Digital Underground) and Mickey Thomas (Starship),

Local Clients include:
Keyser Soze, Cranium, Fall Silent, December, Skinlab, Changing the Design, Delusions of Grandeur, aka Keen, Twice, Sol Jibe, Uncut, Mnemonic, Steve Dave, Pascal, Stamp Collection Suicide, Evenground, Vea Victis, This Computer Kills, Lavish Green, 10 Ton Newman, Mama’s Trippin’, Steve Foht, Silhouette, Left of Centre, Buried, Freak Hayride, Whitton, 13th Insight, Janine Elise Scott, Blue Stone, Kung Fu Sophie, The Willies, Eat At Joe’s, All About Me, Tadago Pie, Moonlight Hoodoo Review, Native Root, Rick Hays American Steele, The Blues Monsters, Danny Marona, Reno Jazz Orchestra, Cami Thompson, Brian Landrus Project, UNR Jazz Collective, David Ake, Grant Levin Trio, Erika Paul Carlson, CeCe Gable and Ken Peniford, Tony Cataldo Quartet, Bob Braman and Jan Savage, Michele Marie Peterson, Trevino, Ramases, The Apprentice, P-Dub, Young Peezy, Element, Bulletriders, Deuce 42K, Masse, Domingo, Killah Boodah and Raskal.

It’s a mid-sized room originally tailored for local artists to track their material. Now it’s fully equipped for national quality tracking, mixing and mastering. The front half of the studio has a sleek and modern feel with cool lighting and design for a very comfortable environment. The back half of the studio is the way it “was” when it was built which gives it a very funky “retro” feel. Quite fun in it’s own right. The place is full of “vibe!”

Acoustically, the control room was painstakingly built to create an optimum listening environment. The live area consists of one semi-live large room, one completely live iso room and one nearly completely dead iso room. The three room treatments give us many tracking options for a facility of our size.

Technically, we have the best microphone selection in town. Neuman, RCA, AKG, Sennheizer are a few names you’ll find here. We also have many digital multi-track recording options including ProTools HD3, Alesis HD24 and Alesis ADAT. And for you analog fans, we have a great sounding Ampex 1200 with both 24 and 16 track head stacks. See the equipment list for full details.

Come see for yourself. Book a tour and we’ll show you what we mean!