Pontiac album
Album: Pontiac
Year: 1995
Record Label: Creature Records

First project with George Pickard since he was a student of mine in the McQueen High School band. From being a promising timpanist George jumped to guitar and hit me with these intoxicating songs that totally impressed me. A very long but rewarding batch of sessions went into this. The extra tag on “Pluto” is in fact the end of the previous take that I managed not to lose. In a last minute idea during the mix the rocket effect was added to tie it in. It’s a disc I really enjoy to this day. Jello Biafra is a proud owner of this disc and it has been heard in a Seattle strip club by a friend of mine.

Super Honkey album
Year: 1999
Record Label: 702 Records

This record was one of the last things I did before I went free-lance. George Pickard returned with a new lineup, Dion Gilatto on drums (BBQ’d Salad) and Luke on bass. A much stronger ensemble and even better songs. On the outro of “Lonely City” George and Dion had recorded a spoof on Monster Truck Match Commercials that was absolutely priceless! Unfortunately at the mix I couldn’t talk them into keeping it for the record. Several cuts from this disc have been featured on the “Playboy Channel” on a special about swingers clubs. “Swinging On a Friday Night” is about Reno’s Peyton Place which was featured in said Playboy channel special. It also has some of the best artwork I’ve seen on any local record.