Artist: A Separate Piece
Album: Taylor Street

Taylor Street album
Album: Taylor Street
Year: 1997
Record Label: Big League Chu

This disc is a showcase for singer Johnny Chu and guitar player Eric Stangeland. A very soothing combination of melodies and styles. It harkened me to the late Jeff Buckley, which I promptly made Johnny go listen to. Mario Guzman on Bass and Beau Melia on drums filled out the rhythm section. The cover of Little Wing was nothing short of an epic moment in the studio. The version on the 2” goes for over 9 minutes. It was really staggering to witness. However, I remember getting ill on the chicken wings we had for lunch one of the days of overdubs. Eric, Mario and Beau were also in Convicted Innocence at the time working on their second disc that was never released. The name of the disc came from the street that Johnny and Eric lived on together which I currently live on.