Band: Chubby Checker
Title: Demo
Year: 1997
Genre: Roots


This was a very interesting day. Chubby Checker was producing a new talent. I think the kid’s name was Neil. He was a singer the guitar player and Mr. Checker had found. He brought him into Sierra Sonics to try to cut a demo while he was working in town. The guy was very talented, but kinda scared. Mr. Checker did his best to calm him down.

More interesting was that when we finished, I started talking to him about his tour. Turns out he drives himself to EVERY gig. He loves seeing the country with his wife by car. He said that the most beautiful place in America is just outside of Quincy, California. He then drew me a map to get there so I could see it. After he finished the map, I asked him to sign it. He said, “No, I’ll sign something else. This is for you to see the most beautiful place in America.” and handed me the map. He then signed a new piece of paper for the autograph.

I had marched a Super Bowl half time show with him in 1988 in San Diego. I reminded him that during the rehearsal before the game, he was on a ladder in the middle of the field, getting his “twist” on, and his sweat pants twisted right off!!!! I had a camera and snapped a photo as quick as I could. I was a little late!