National Projects


Band: E-40, B-Legit, Yukmouth, Messy Marv, Spice 1, Levitti
Title: Trevino
Year: 2004-2005
Label: N/A
Genre: Hip Hop

Notes: This is about a guy named Trevino. He’s a Reno rapper who has put his ducks in a row and gotten some big, big names in hip-hop to do features on his record. This is a record I can’t wait to see done.

I flew back early from a conference in San Francisco to do the E-40 session. He arrived with a small entourage. Trevino went out of his way to have everything E-40 wanted there and to make him comfortable, including bringing him to the studio by limo.

The way E writes is lying on the floor on his stomach. As with the other feature rappers, you give the guy his verse looped over and over again for half an hour or so while he writes his verse. Sometimes it can go as long as an hour. Then you cut the track and, whammo, you’re done! Well, with 40, so many people where hovering around and talking to him, he kept getting pulled away from writing, so what should have taken a couple of hours, took eight! Of course, the burgundy and various other cocktails floating around didn’t speed up the process at all.

We finished at 5:30 a.m. and 40 left with someone else. Trevino very kindly offered to give me a ride home in the limo! We got half way there and the limo’s electrical system went out so we were stranded in the limo for a half hour waiting for another limo to come pick us up. However, since I was off the clock, I was able to enjoy all the cocktails I wanted until the other limo arrived.

As for the other guys, they were great. Yukmouth is a crack-up, B-Ligit is larger than life, Spice 1 is one of the fastest rappers I’ve seen in the studio and Levitti has the voice of an angel. He’s also a great Hammond Organ player.

Keep an eye out for Trevino. His flows are correct. I’ve met my match with him on anal retention. No one goes through a song with a fine tooth comb more than he does. At times, he spits so fast and long, I swear he’s circle breathing.